80 Scripts to 10x your Finale workflow

Technically, they can 100x your workflow, but you wouldn't believe that headline.

These are the custom-created JW Lua scripts that I use to speed up my workflow. Plus, they will be shared as a Dropbox folder, meaning you can get updates and new scripts automatically.

Still unsure? Check out the video below.

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Spoiler alert…

… the following video shows that JW Lua is up to …

4x faster than
Keyboard Maestro

25x faster than
JW Plugins

100x faster than
working by hand

100% Free

No more complicated FinaleScript or KM macros

JW Lua allows you to do almost anything in Finale—instantly. Gone are the ways of using dozens of plugins and complicated FinaleScript/Keyboard Maestro macros.


And JW Lua is


faster than FinaleScript

…which is Finale's built-in scripting language. In other words, you can't get more speed than with JW Lua.