Large Time Signatures

If you've ever conducted an ensemble, you've probably messed up a meter change. You know how frustrating that can be and how it can easily bring the best rehearsals to a screeching halt.

Luckily, as a Finale user, you can prevent this from ever happening. Because with large time signatures, it's easier to conduct and rehearse your music. That means:

• Better sight-reads
• Better...

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Non-Standard Tuplets in Finale

Hello Superuser! When you spend enough time writing music, you're likely going to need to create tuplets other than triplets.

Those could be 5-tuplets (quintuplets), 7-tuplets (hepttuplets), 9-tuplets (nontuplets), or really any crazy combination you can think of.

While these tuplets may seem daunting to create, they are actually quite simple. And best of all, you can create them in both Simple...

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